Theatre (Sets, Props, Costumes)

Crossing Delancey - September 2000

The Novato Community Players, California
Directed by Carrie Sugarman   Produced by Gary Gonser

Fake Books and Book shelves

"Built-in" Bookshelves

Outer wood 'shelving' by Gary Gonser
Painted interior by Nancy Garven

Oversized books & Idea for fake books by Nancy Garven

Scans by Nancy Garven & Gary Gonser

Some are real book spines/covers from discarded books, others are scanned in spines, trimmed and pasted on

Pickle Label
Labels created by me - scanned in real labels and then adjusted them to fit the scene - print and put back on jars
Free Fall bookFree Fall Book 2
Free Fall Book 3
Free Fall Book cover
Cover designed and created by me.
Paris Review

Paris Review cover

Front of "Paris Review" magazine
Design & production by Nancy Garven

You're A Good Man Charlie Brown - October-November 2000

The Novato Community Players, California
Directed by Maryellen Davis & Monica Gavrielides
Produced by Clifford Parker & Brenda Weidner

Dancing Blanket

The Dancing Blanket

Designed & sewn by me - unknown if the concept is original by me or not

Woodstock Costumes

Woodstock & friends headpieces & tails

designed by and sewn by me.
(tops and leggings are ready-to-wear)

Kite Eating Tree

The Kite Eating Tree

Designed by me (what was I thinking - cuz then I had to make it)

Tree trunk is plywood constructed by Frank McGovern

The Tree top is canvas (18 feet long and a little over 4 feet high+)

Entire tree painted by me.

The Doctor Is In Booth
Designed & painted by me
Constructed by Frank McGovern
Designed & painted by me
Constructed by Frank McGovern
Snoopy's Doghouse
Doghouse constructed by Gary Gonser,
painted by me
Background pieces
Mound & Fence designed by me, constructed by Frank McGovern
Mound, Fence, Bench painted by me.
Other Set pieces
Elm tree & hydrant in 'Little Known Facts' song
designed, constructed & painted by me
Falling Leaf
Falling leaf (end of CB monolog right before intermission)
designed, constructed, painted & rigged by m