Custom Final Fantasy X - Lulu 1:3 scale
Custom Costumed Plush Animals
Corporate ID Design
Costumes 1:1 scale
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©1993-infinity Nancy L Garven, Echui, Lost World Productions
Lost World Productions is devoted to 1:6 scale Customization, Science Fiction & Fantasy Art & Collectibles, Painting and Illustration. We strive to provide quality products for collectors & DYI'rs both on ebay and in person at shows and conventions. Our main interests are the Lord of the Rings, Farscape, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Dark Angel, Heroes, Eureka, Stargate SG1 & Atlantis, The Fifth Element, The X-Files, Red Dwarf, Space Above & Beyond, Babylon 5, Star Trek, Angel, NCIS, Final Fantasy, etc. Included is my personal art gallery of original pencil, pen & ink, acrylic, air-brush, and digital art works as well as custom action figures, costumed plush animals and more. Feedback is always welcome and please let me know if you ever come across technical difficulties in navigating either site. Thanks muchly, Nancy Garven, always dreaming out loud.