About Echui & Lost World Productions

Lost World Productions: The Name: No, it does not refer to the Moody Blues, Jurassic Park or William Stout (although I like all three) or any other existing entity.

Lost World Productions first started in 1981, small and mostly sold arts & crafts items. Since 1991 it has developed into a mother/son operation, currently licensed in the State of California, Marin County, & the City of Novato. (We were collecting, buying, selling, trading as a hobby but after a certain point the IRS decided we were beyond that. Not wanting to end up on the wrong side, we registered as a business in 1993 and pay taxes accordingly.) But we still like to collect, buy, sell and trade. Trading gets 2 or more people happy in one stroke so we will trade if people have something we need personally or could use for the business.

We operate from our apartment on Ebay and also sell/trade at comic cons, sci-fi cons, toy shows, flea markets, etc. We will be selling at Wondercon every year (fingers crossed) and elsewhere closeby should the Bay Area wake up.

Echui: 'Echui' means 'awakening' in the Sindarin dialetic of the Elvish language from J.R.R.Tolkien's Middle Earth. came into being November 2000 to host my artwork and separate the two worlds of my small business (Lost World Productions) and my art endeavors. However, for simplification, I have merged the two sites together.

Long, long ago in a country far, far away, on a mountain top high, high up in Germany:

Me in my natural blonde days

My son James - he is now 6'2"