Valeria, Vampire Protector of the blood of the 1st One
1:12 scale

Valeria Front View

Started with a 1:12 scale porn star figure and removed the removable clothes so was left with blonde hair and brown cowboy boots

Painted the hair, boots, fingernails and lips black and added a beauty mark
Added black eye shadow (the white pearlescent existing shadow does show through in person right under the eyebrows)
Painted the inside of the mouth and eyes red
Tried putting fangs on her....just way too tiny to deal with so gave up that idea
Hand painted freehand the front and back tattoos
Enhanced other areas
Sprayed all over with MSC matte spray then added gloss to fingernails and lips and eyes.
Choker is a sterling silver
Armband is a sterling silver with a ruby red rhinestone
Wrist bangles are nickel rings
Ring on her thumb is sterling silver
Boob halter is part from a 1:6 outfit with jump rings and fine chain attaching it
Belt is a fine chain with a DID (metal I believe) key hanging from it
The real glass amphora vial is filled with FX blood and capped with a sterling silver cap with hoop and hanging by a fine thread that wraps around her fingers and wrist
The stockings are part of 1:6 mesh stockings with black lace tops added


Valeria Back View

Valeria Back Closeup
Valeria Side View
Valeria Front Closeup
Valeria Hand Closeup
Valeria Closeup
Valeria Black and White
Valeria another Front View