Tynk, Faery of the Dark Forest
1:6 scale



Body - Triad Otaku 1.2 body with black nail polish on fingernails and then gloss on nails

Triad Lola head with custom repaint (acrylics, pencil, MSC matte spray, gloss on eyes and lips) and hair restyled, tied with black satin ribbon

Corset: Triad Barb Wire corset customized by hand sewing reduced width

Skirt: Triad Biker Chic belt with 2 layers black tulle and attached with DMC metallic silver thread

Boots: Unknown black leather laceups (maybe Triad?)

Arm Sleeves: black leather arm sleeves (maybe Triad?)

Necklace: made from vintage 1:1 one (I think is silver and onyx) with silver and onyx pendant from an earring

Earrings: silver and onyx 1:1 mini stud earrings

Armbands: made from stainless 1:1 earrings

Wings (removable): Aluminum sheeting skeleton layered with black loose weave chiffon scarf, loose weave black fabric, black suede

Wand: aluminum tube, Green Stuff, nickel plated spike and black glass gemstone painted with black matte spray primer then sprayed with gloss with a touch of silver paint around the gem

Tynk 2


Tynk Wand
Tink Without Wings