Tara Laura Ryan , Assassin (G4H tribue)
1:6 scale



Body - Triad medium bust Alpha with red head sculpt. Did minor makeup changes. Plus navel piercing.

Head - Changes to the eyebrows and lips. Slight blush added to the cheeks. Sprayed with MSC Matte and gloss added to eyes and lips.

Custom black knit and elastic thong - made by me

Triad black shoes

Triad Paisley skirt

Triad Bond Girl 1.0 bra

Triad Barb Wire choker

Triad Barb Wire gloved hands on Cy Girl wrist pegs

Triad Agent 2.0 coat

DID hat without the band from forum member

Bracelets - large metal jump rings

Navel piercing - actual mini 1:1 earring

Triad ATAC Submachine Gun with aimpoint, top and bottom rails, ammo clip, silencer, stock and flashpoint

Metal briefcase with working latches, a pocket for the dossiers, and room for $250,000 in $100 bills plus passports and airline tickets.

Airline ticket: reduced real ticket printed on paper and stapled with a few layers of paper for effect.

Passports: United States and Irish passports reduced from real printed on paper and with extra pages. The U.S. one has a laminated interior cover and photo/info page copied from my actual passport (with changes of course).

Dossiers: Custom printed covers on card stock with reduced real pages of information (with a few blank pages for effect) stapled to the cover.

Target photos: Reduced photos from online and laminated.