Sharilyn - Dead Cell, Carlsbad California
1:6 scale

No longer available


Head: Triad S-1 Blonde
Body: Triad Alpha large bust
Hat: Triad Gothic Lolita (sans chain)
Boots: Triad Street Smart
Hand Gun and Holsters: Triad from Indigo set
Belt for shorts: Triad biker belt
Hands: Cy Girl (I think)
Mesh stockings: Black Canary Barbie
Jean shorts and black tank top: SMCG Customs
Wrist bands: Cy Girl
Dogtags: Power team
Cross & chain: charm and chain I put together
Pick ax thingy: don't know where I got that - but it's sharp and pointy on one end
Glasses: got from ebay
Other black belt: off another figure
Wrist watch: off another figure
Bazooka type thingy: from somewhere - it's blows up stuff real good
B.A.G. (big ass gun): got off ebay - it's big and mean and also blows stuff up real good













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