Tartuga Rose
1:6 scale


Tartuga Rose Closeup

Body: Triad Alpha Large Bust with nipples added, Right trigger hand, left open hand
Tattoo: hand drawn colored pencil sealed with MSC matte spray
Head: Triad Raven Head Sculpt - a little color pencil touch up added
Shirt: Barbie Pirate shirt - cut off and roughed up
Shorts: Triad Jade Ltd Black Shorts
Belt: Triad Jade Ltd Black belt with Barbie Pirate belt buckle
Corset: Triad Biker Belt cutoff and tied in back with hemp
Boots: Triad Barb Wire boots folded down and leather straps replaced and buckles added
Headband: Red stripe fabric

Necklace: Knotted hemp
Sword: Mcfarlane - can't remember from which figure

Hat: Barbie Pirates hat with leather band and meltal buckle added with feathers
Knife holster: Custom leather with metal buckles and trim from Barbie pirates belt.
Knife: All metal knife, hemp trim added to the hilt.
Bracelets: miscellaneous metal bits







Rose with Hat Full View

Rose 1
Rose 2
Captive Rose 1
Captive Rose 2
Captive Rose 3
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Rose's Tattoo
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