Cotton Candy a.k.a. Pink Ice
1:6 scale


Pink full view

Body - Triad Toys medium bust Alpha body with Otaku flat feet

Head - Triad Toys Lola

Face Up - custom repaint of the head in acrylics, PanPastel soft pastels, sprayed with MSC Matte and gloss added to eyes and lips

Boots - Pink Uggs from eBay

Stockings - Obitsu, trimmed to be leggings

Bikini set - Triad Toys Otaku 1.0 pink bikini set

Skirt - Custom hand sewn pleated skirt with snap closure in back

Hoodie jacket - Custom hand sewn hoodie with separately jacket zipper, hood lined with pink satin, working draw strings on hood and bottom and 2 front working pockets, elastic at wrists.

Purse - Custom hand sewn handbag, plastic mesh exterior, lined with pink satin, trimmed with flannel and ribbon, metal hoop handles, pink rhinestones.

Choker - Custom satin ribbon with floral rhinestones

Tank top - SMCG white tank customized with lowered neck line and tie-dyed in various pinks

Hands - white gloved hands from another figure

Pistols - small black pistols, maker unknown

Scarf - mini pink boa

Pink with hoodie closeup
Pink Face Closeup
Pink with skirt
Pink kneeling shooting
Pink 3 views
Pink with boa
Pink hood down