Muriel (Angel) / Siobahn (Human)
1:6 scale

No longer available


Angel name "Muriel", Human name "Siobahn"

Triad Toys Otaku 1.2 body

Triad Toys Otaku 1.2 blonde head with hair removed and mohair wefts added and face repaint with quality acrylics, sealed with MSC clear matte spray and gloss added to lips and eyes

Modified top (was a criss-cross rear closure)

Generic boots that zip up but still have the lace-up look in the back

SMCG patent leather thong panties

Custom made her skirt and arm sleeves from 21st Century Jacqueline's coat (snaps in front, silver thingy used to be part of a pendant).

Necklace is a silver cross on a tiny link chain

The metal swords are custom made by someone else out of aluminum sheeting and beads. I added red leather to the hilts.

Wings are made from sheet aluminum, fabric and real feathers. The wings are removable. The wings attach by looping over the neck area.





Muriel Front
Muriel Back
Muriel Side
Muriel Wingless Front


Muriel Wingless Back

Muriel Alternate