Iris in Wunderland
by Nancy L. Garven
© by Nancy L. Garven & Lost World Productions

DRAWLLOWEEN 2016 - adventures of Iris and Nancy

Iris Waiting for Snarky

"Waiting for Snarky" 2014

Iris Waiting for Webb

"Waiting for Webb" 2015

Iris Valentine Outside

"Valentine (outsidie)" 2016

Iris Valentine Inside

"Valentine (inside)" 2016

Iris with the Caterpillar

"Iris with the Caterpillar"1995
Iris gone large in wunderland

"Iris gone Large"1995
Iris Napping

"Iris Napping"1995
Iris the Poet

"Iris the Poet"1995
Iris the Painter

"Iris the Artist"1995
Iris Daydreaming

"Iris Daydreaming"1994
Iris Parachuting

"Iris Parachuting"1994
Iris In Memoriam

"Iris in Memorium"1994

Iris Taking Off

"Iris Taking Off"1993