Helga 3.0 - the Dark
1:6 scale


Helga 3.0

Triad Toys Helga - Helga body, hands, bootfeet
Helga head - repaint, sealed with MSC matte spray and multi-layer gloss on eyes and gloss on lips plus hair restyled
Helga dress - white skirt/panties removed and straps removed. Zipper replaced with hemp cord lacing.
Triad Hero black catsuit - bottom part only, hemmed at waist
Helga boots - fur trim removed completely. LOTR pieces as leg guards tied on with hemp cord.
Helga shield - metal pointed trim added, metal stud in center and complete repaint job.
DID Gimli Axe - repainted
Helmet - half of tea strainer, epoxy clay, leather, antique gun metal chainmail, Helga's head piece attached and repainted
Corset - black leather, metal eyelets and antique gun metal chainmail - laced at both sides with hemp cord
"Belt" - modified pendant with leather and metal stud straps and metal buckle
Armbands - black leather tied with hemp cord
Cape - black fur with stud anchors, jump rings and sterling clasp.
Tattoos - hand painted and sealed with MSC matte spray (sprayed entire torso and arms). Tattoos explained in image below.


Helga 3.0 2
Helga 3.0 3

Helga 3.0 4





Helga 3.0 5
Helga 3 wip1
Helga 3.0 wip2
Helga 3 wip 3