Gianna Donatello, Cartographer
1:6 scale


Gianna 1

Body, hands and feet:  Triad Toys medium bust Alpha
Spare hands:  gloved hands (unknown manufacturer)
Head:  Triad Toys Jade, hair trimmed, blonde streaks dyed, a little makeup change
Hat:  DID (if I remember correctly from the 35th Anniversary figure)
Socks:  Custom made by me out of real socks
Boots:  Leather hiking lace-up boots (manufacturer unknown)
Tank top: by SMCG Customs
Shorts and belt:  Triad Toys Jade’s shorts and leather belt
Pocket Watch:  from DID 35th anniversary figure – opens and closes
Jacket: William Bowman Dress Jacket DID Action Figures – with new plastic buttons
Backpack:  Custom leather functioning backpack by  c.b. gorby
Pouch:  Dragon Stanislas Kolzig map pouch
Bayonnet & sheath: Soldier Story Jake McNiece Bayon
Wrist bands:  Triad Toys Jade’s
Necklace: Hot Toys Platoon Chris Taylor’s
Vest:  Custom leather with gun holster and gun by c.b. gorby







Gianna 2

Gianna 3
Gianna 4