Evangelina de la Croix a.k.a. Pussy in Boots
1:6 scale


Pussy 1



All tattoos were hand drawn with Berol Prismacolor pencils and sprayed to protect with MSC matte spray

Pubic hair was hand applied with clear fabric glue using hair/fur paint brush bristles from ultra soft multi color brush

Body: Triad Otaku 1.2 body and hands - I separated all the fingers

Head: Triad Barb Wire with hair restyle, new faceup, pierced gold hoop earring (real 1:1 one)

Boots: Triad (can't remember their name) straps and buckles removed and replace with leather straps and different metal buckles and leather cuffs added and then weathered with acrylic paint - magnets added to the bottoms

Hat: Ignite Guardsmen weathered with acrylics, antique metallic lace hat band and trim and new real feathers

Eye Patch: Custom leather and hemp string

Necklace: Metal chain and metal cross
Choker: Part of a 1:1 earrings, metal with glass bead
Bracelets: Sterling silver ear cuff and two fancy hoop earrings
Rings: Jump rings, jewelry finding and tiny metal brad

Sword and Scabbard: Hot Toys Jack Sparrow
Belt and Scabbard holder: Custom leather with metal buckle and metal wire

Watch: DID pocket watch with metal belt loop added

Gun: off of eBay

Fabric hair ties, wrist tie and armband tie

Treasure chest: Custom stained and weathered with brass strapping added (some loose and broken for aging)

Tankard: Franklin Mint Colonial American Pewter Miniature Collection Flat Topped Tankard designed by Peter Young

Stand: Obitsu 5" black magnetic metal disc

Other pieces from the Franklin Mint collection, gold chains, loose vintage rhinestones, faux pearls, vintage rhinestone brooch, rocks, sand, some big chains

Pussy 2
What shall we do with a drunken sailor?
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