Cartographer Library Diorama
1:6 scale


Cart Dio 1

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Cart Dio 5
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Cart Dio 7

Bookcase: Custom made by me from wood with brass drawer pulls (drawers do not open)
Wall:  Custom made by me from wood, vinyl spackle, paint
Floor:   Custom made by me from wood, gloss sealant
Table:  Custom made by me from wood
Map Case:  Custom made by me from wood
Clock:  Custom made by me from watch pieces with acrylic dome
Coat Rack:  Custom made by me from wood and brass hooks
Treasure Chest:  Custom stained and brass accents added by me
Adjustable Stool:  Custom made by me from wood, leather, epoxy clay, metal and toy car wheels
Safe:  old Avon metal container
Maps:   real USGS maps cut down to size and custom printed ancient maps on parchment
Map book:  custom made by me leather bound folder with real fold-out USGS map of Yosemite
Painting:  custom gloss print of Evening Mood by William-Adolphe Bouguereau 1882 in a vintage brass frame with gold braiding and brass hanger
Egyptian miniature figure of Thoth (from ebay)
Asian miniature wood pot stand
Authentic primitive figure (either from Africa or South America – got it at a charity sale)
Chess board and pieces and box – Completely custom made by me - a chess board of gloss print on wood and complete set of wood chess pieces with a box of wood, leather and with a metal handle
Miniature Coleman Lantern (from a keychain)
Map Tube:  Hot Toys Babydoll’s leather and metal map case (hollow so you can put a map in it)
Books: Custom wood and leather books, 18 from ebay, 20 made by me
Pint Tankard: miniature pewter replica from colonial America with lid
Binoculars and case:  King's Toys WWII German U-Boat Seaman Binoculars with leather case (they have removable eye piece covers and you can see through the lenses and it adjusts by width)
Miniature cloisonne keepsake box with hinged lid
Small pyrite cluster
Small oblong crystal geode
Miniature Glass jar with stopper filled with mica flakes (aka fairy dust)
Cluster of pink opaque crystals (don’t know which mineral)
Miniature stone pot with lid
Mineral specimen that looks like a flower (might be a form of a desert rose)
Miniature glass jar with lid filled with micro silver beads
Mineral specimen that is pinkish with lots of micro sparkles
Cluster of dark citrine crystals
Carved glass scarab
Cluster of medium color purple amethyst
Mineral specimen that is green with sparklies
Cross:  Custom brass filigree cross with green and gold rhinestones on a brass chain
Small piece of striated sandstone
Small shark’s tooth (shark if I remember correctly, anyway it is a real tooth)
Small ivory colored Buddha
Grecian pitcher:  Custom painted pewter colonial American replica to look like ancient Greek pitcher
Chalice:  Custom painted and decorated pewter colonial American goblet with fancy spacer beads and rhinestones
Miniature ceramic glazed lion figure