Bryn (Angel) / Maeve (Human)
1:6 scale



Angel name "Bryn", Human name "Maeve"

Triad Toys Otaku 1.2 body

Lola head re-rooted with red-red wine saran hair and face repaint with quality acrylics, sealed with MSC clear matte spray and gloss added to lips and eyes.

Triad Toys boots

SMCG patent leather thong panties

Patent leather corset - customized to be lace-up in the back and I added lace to the top, silver jump rings and black satin rattail cording

Triad Toys arm sleeves

Quartz crystal set in silver hanging from her side

Carnelian in silver pendant

Custom weapon made from silver earrings (the ends) aluminum tubing metal beads and wrapped in leather "twine".

Wings are made from sheet aluminum, fabric and real feathers. The wings are removable (a tab slips between the back of the corset and her "skin").

Bryn Front
Bryn Back
Bryn Side
Bryn Wingless Front


Bryn Wingless Back

Bryn Top
Bryn Alternate