Annie Lennox
1:6 scale


Annie Lennox closeup

Body - Triad Toys small bust Alpha body - finger nails painted red

Head - Triad Toys Lola

Hair - Platinum saran re-rooted (trimmed curled and styled) with rabbit fur back hair trimmed and styled

Face Up - custom repaint of the head in acrylics, PanPastel soft pastels, sprayed with MSC Matte and gloss added to eyes and lips

Boots - Triad Toys Paisley boots trimmed short

Pants - Leather pants with bulky snap removed and tacked closed

Bra - custom hand made

Jacket - Triad Toys "Chosen One" leather coat cut short, new collar added and studs and snaps removed

Microphone and stand - from Josie and the Pussycats figure, microphone repainted.

Display case made of bamboo cutting board, bass wood, leather, acrylic product box and custom label

Annie Lennox Front
Annie Lennox Side

Annie Lennox Back
Annie Lennox Boxed
Annie Lennox WIP
Annie Lennox Side View
Annie Lennox Back View