Anna May Wong , 1960's British Secret Agent in Shanghai
1:6 scale


Anna May Wong full front shot

Inspired by all of the 1960's secret agent and spy TV shows I used to watch. There is a real Anna May Wong, an actress who appeared in the Danger Man (Secret Agent) series. Mine has a British father and Chinese mother and she works undercover in Shanghai.

Body:  Triad Toys large bust Alpha
Hands:  Triad Toys from extra set with black nail paint
Feet: Triad Toys medium heel feets with black nail paint
Head:  Danger Girl Abbey Chase - custom repaint by Ken Greenhalgh

Earring:  Custom made by me
Shoes:  off of ebay
Dress: FemBasix Lexus dress with gold studs added
Gun:  Something I had hanging around
Ninja Stars: Sideshow Storm's, placed in a custom elastic thigh holder
Bracelets: Custom jade and brass one and pearl one made by me
Arm sleeves: I believe they are Triad Toys, customized by me






Anna May Wong side shot

Anna May Wong close up shot
Anna May other 1
Anna May other 2
Anna May other 3
Anna May other 4
Anna May Wong details