American McGee Alice with the Cheshire Cat
1:6 scale


American McGee Alice 1

Body - Triad Toys medium bust Alpha body with low rise heel feet. The fingernails are painted peach and glossed on all hands. An extra right sword holding hand painted bloody is included.

Head - Triad Toys Otaku 1.0 Brunette with hair trimmed

Face Up - custom repaint of the head in acrylics, her eyes now look upwards and are an emerald green, face is sprayed with MSC Matte and gloss added to eyes and lips

Boots - unknown brand from eBay - Black leather high heels with multiple straps and silver metal buckles.

Stockings - Obitsu, trimmed to be leggings

Panties - Triad Toys Otaku 1.2 red bikini bottoms

Dress - Custom hand sewn full short dress with elastic at puffy sleeves, metal eyelets and silk cord for lace-up back closure

Petticoat - Custom hand sewn full petticoat with elastic waist and lace trim.

Aprons - Custom hand sewn apron with tie back and 2 pockets with the symbols of Neptune and Jupiter painted on the pockets. There are two: one clean and one bloddy.

Necklace - Custom hand made copper Omega symbol with a gold jumpring and fancy gold chain.

Vorpal - Custom hand made metal vorpal blade shaped and etched with a scroll pattern. Handle is epoxy clay shaped and painted metallic gold. There is a second blade that is bloodied with acrylics and with dripping blood of tinted Water Effects.

Cheshire Cat - an official McFarlane American McGee Cheshire Cat figure with a few hand painted black accents, dripping blood (tinted Water Effects) added and eyes and teeth glossed twice.

American McGee Alice Bloody
American McGee Alice Face Closeup
Alice Back View
Alice Running
Cheshire Cat
Alice Sitting
Alice's Necklace
Alice's Vorpal Blades
Alice Fun 1