2007 Red Sorceress - other closeups
© Nancy L. Garven, Lost World Productions


Composite 2007
2007 Closeups

Staff: Designed and constructed by me from wood dowling, copper piping and webbing, genuine Citrine crystals, porcelain clay, copper leafing and paint - pricey & priceless

Costume underskirt: Designed and sewn by me from Italian gold metallic fabric purchased at a flea market for $12.00

Costume: Outer: designed and sewn by me. Fabrics from yard sales, fabric stores. Red leather purchased (sorry couldn't find any at yard sales to recycle), 3D metallic paint in copper, broze and gold, leaves for clasps from store.

Torq necklace: designed and crafted by me from copper piping, copper wire, a few copper beads from the store and red snake jasper spheres.

Other jewelry purchased mostly from yard sales, earrings from Nature's Jewelry and Pyramid Collection, Dragon pendant was volksmarch medal attached to chain and collar necklace.

Dragon (see on full picture) Asian dragon from the Dragonology plush collection.

Shoes (not that visible) from Pyramid Collection - Bronze & copper metallic looking and comfy.

Metallic & glitter makeup from Bare Escentuals and Makeup Forever

Hair - my own dyed blood red and then splashes of gold hair spray and glitter spray.

Under blouse purchased online on sale - think it was from Silhouettes.